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Our Worldwide Network

The first version of Kadaza was introduced in 2008. Research had shown that of all the websites on the Internet, only a fraction were used intensively. So the idea for Kadaza was born: an overview of the most used websites, clearly and simply categorized by subject. Through extensive and ongoing research, the most frequently used websites are manually selected. After Kadaza's successful launch in various countries, there were many enthusiastic reactions from all over the world. This has led to a global network of Kadaza fans who contribute to the selection of Kadaza's content and translation. Our goal is to be the most trusted website encyclopedia on the Internet. User participation and the contribution of local volunteers play an important role in this. Kadaza is now available in many countries. Each Kadaza site is fully customized for each country, including the language and content. We're always looking for people in other countries or people with knowledge of a local market who want to volunteer. We believe Kadaza can help people in any country to get started on the web quickly, easily and safely.

Kadaza Network

Do you speak a foreign language and do you want to help make Kadaza better in a specific country? Click here to contact us.